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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Abortion: A Woman's Right........To Kill Her Baby!

      Alright! Everybody keeps claiming that abortion is a woman's right to do what she wills with her own body. Pro-lifers agree that a woman should have such a right, but what they refuse is to let this same right become a right over another human being's body.

      Let us claim that the baby is not a human being yet. When is it then? A Canadian baby under Canadian law is human at the moment of birth. A British child is human after 22 weeks of conception. A Christian Child is considered human at the moment where sperm fertilizes egg. Some tribes do not consider a male to be deserving of human respect until his first hunt. So when exactly do we become humans?

      If we are not certain of something, the best plan is to not interfere until further information. Doesn't anyone see the absurdity of a "lump of cells" being aborted in Canada at week 23 being considered murder of a human in the U.K.? Abortion should not be allowed until we are 100%, not 99%, sure that a child isn't human, which in my case I believe he/she is at conception. Let the DNA judge. At any, and I mean ANY point in time, a human fetus is discernible from that of an elephant or a fish. At week 1, a human fetus would not give the results of a lion. It will always give those of a human.

      Moreover, a doctor performing abortions is not punished, while a person who causes the death of an unborn child  is guilty of murder. In other words, if the mother wanted the "lump of cells", it is fine, but if she didn't agree on the death, then the lump of cells suddenly becomes human and the killer is considered a murderer. Interesting laws. Next time anyone of you guys wanna kill a baby, make sure you have the mother's consent first. We wouldn't want that lump to gain human dignity suddenly would we now?

      In addition to that, for those of you who claim a child is not human until birth, well, 30 years ago, science could only keep full term or slightly premature babies alive... So 30 years ago, only full term and slightly premature infants were considered human. Amillia Taylor, an American child, was born at less than 22 weeks. In the U.S.A., ironically....and sadly, a child isn't considered viable until 23 weeks. So what does this mean? According to U.S.A. laws, this child, after having been born and survived, isn't considered a human being yet!!! If you still do not see the mistake we are doing, then I am afraid you are a hopeless lump of cells...or are you human? Depends on which country you come from.

Another silly lump of cells...OFF WITH HIS HEAD (pitiful humanity)
      A woman has every right to control her body. Her baby though is not HER body, it is ANOTHER BODY IN HER BODY. Her rights to choose stop at the baby's right to live. Let me ask you this, does the woman have the right to kill her lump of cells even though the father doesn't want to? The child is his baby as much as he is hers as well! Is she allowed to kill another's baby just because she's holding it?

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  1. Malachi - God Bless him. Wow.
    Whenever I get into it with pro-murder folks I always ask them if I have the right to chose to walk up to someone and shoot them. Sigh. Why don't people get it. The Devil is busy, it seems.